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New software features

New software options to our office EMR

Dear our valued patients,

As we always trying to follow the best practice guide and improve the way of communication, we are excited to announce that we recently upgraded the office EMR software and added new features to better serve you. This update will allow better and flexible communication options at your convenience including online booking, notification & confirmation as well as sending out updates regarding your recent medical reports and scheduled appointments for specialists and investigations.

These new features include:

1) Online booking tool with options to choose date, time & reason of the visit, or to write down a short note regarding this. You will receive a confirmation e-mail regarding your booking to confirm or reschedule. Moreover, you will get a reminder e-mail ahead of your appointment that may include specific information related to your upcoming visit or fillable forms to enhance the effectiveness of your visit.

The previous indivicare portal is no longer available. This will be replaced with Ocean portal. The link will be available next week at the office web site

Please note that online booking is only allowed for enrolled patients in our family practice. The system will reject any booking with no matching information with the office data base.

2) Medical report review:

You will get an e-mail notification to book an appointment to review your recent investigations that need your attention including abnormal lab results, radiology images, or a specialist consult note. If you have already booked an appointment for follow up, please consider this e-mail as a reminder only to discuss these reports in the upcoming visit.

3) Booked appointments for specialists or investigations:

You will get an e-mail notification regarding your upcoming consultation appointment or investigation including CT, MRI, gastro/colonoscopy, cardiac, lung, nerve conduction studies..etc. Please not that we will e -mail you the appointments’ details with the attachments once we receive them, even though if they are few months later.

4) Fillable forms:

You may receive an e-mail before your upcoming appointment includes a fillable form related to your visit that will enhance the effectiveness of the visit, for example, Nippsin developmental chart for baby age, Diabetes check list..etc. Upon filling the form and submitting it online, it will be automatically integrated in your chart visit.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your co-operation which helps us for efficient use of our time to serve you.

Best regards

Dr. Tiab Medical Office

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